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The beautiful, crisp autumn weather will soon give way to winter's cold temperatures. Whatever your budget, there are a number of things you can do to prepare your home for the winter. Winter-proofing not only keeps you comfortable during the cold winter months, but also saves you money and provides peace of mind. Here are seven tips to get your home winter-ready.

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Wink Lookout Review

I recently purchased the Wink Lookout security system and we've used it enough to warrant a review.  The system has been installed for 4 months.   I was in search of a system that was cost-effective, simple to use, and able to work with some of our existing security devices, and one with no monthly fees. I didn't set out to use Wink Lookout simply because we already used the Wink Hub 2.  It seemed like a natural choice but I still did some due diligence.  One of the systems I really liked was Simplisafe, it met my needs from the features, devices available to aesthetics. 

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