My Cozy Reading Spot


We live in a very traditional colonial style home.  In Virginia, that means there's usually a room at the front of the house that no one uses.  Some people call it the "Christmas tree room" because its only use is for the Christmas tree in front of the window during the holidays so it's visible from the street.  We moved 2+ years ago and this room has always bothered me.  We stuck the piano and a couple of chairs and called it a day. 

A couple of months ago, I decided to claim it as my reading room.  It's a perfect location.  There's lots of natural light.  The sun shines here in the morning which makes it a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee.  I can still hear everything that's going on in the main level but fairly secluded from the rest of the house.  


I painted the room, rearranged and added some accessories.  DONE. 

Then something magical happened.  The dog would sit in the chair in front of the window.  Then the children started hanging out in the spot after school reading a book or watching a movie on the iPad.  "My" reading room is no longer my own but I love seeing the kids curl up in a chair and enjoy the cute little spot as well.

Creating your own space

You don't need an actual "reading nook" to create a cozy spot.  Take a dead spot in your house, add a comfortable chair and a couple of accessories.  Pillows and blankets add softness the room, makes the space much more inviting and it's an easy way to add pops of color in the room. 

I like big lamps (and I cannot lie).  It brings a room together for me.  If you don't have natural light coming in, head over to HomeGoods and grab a cute lamp.  I already had a floor lamp here or I would have placed a lamp in between the chairs.