Smart Hotel Room at Aria Resorts & Casino

Hotel rooms are your home away from home. Some are prettier than others, some have better views and I’ve stayed at a lot of them. I’ve been to Las Vegas many times these past few years and I’ve experienced many different hotels like MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace and Bellagio. I’ve never had a chance to stay at Aria until now. I was attending the Results Summit conference where I was speaking about smart homes so this was THE perfect pairing as the rooms at Aria are equipped with smart technology.  

While the room was not the largest or most luxurious room I’ve ever stayed at in Las Vegas, it certainly made up for it with the awesome overall experience using smart technology.  As I walked into the room, the lights illuminated, the music turned on and the drapes slowly opened.  It felt as if the room was saying, “Welcome!”.

I noticed there was a tablet on the nightstand which got me immediately excited.  I know, it doesn’t take much.  :) It’s a Crave tablet that is delivering convenience through technology to every single guest. This magical tablet allows you to take control of the room and access the resort’s amenities.  You’re able to control all the lighting in the room, either individually or as a group.  I love the preset scenes.  Activating the “Goodnight” scene will turn off all the lights as well as draw the drapes closed.  The “Romance” scene dims the lights and plays smooth jazz.  

Crave tablet at Aria

Crave tablet at Aria

The “Comfort” tab allows you to control the temperature in the room as well as give you quick access to the “Goodnight” lighting scene.  Opening and closing the drapes have never been easier, simply press open, close or stop.  You can set your alarm, control the TV, play music and conveniently set Do Not Disturb.  You no longer have to take that paper door hanger to let housekeeping know that you’d rather live in your mess.  Pressing the Do Not Disturb button will turn on the privacy light on the outside of the door.

Aside from room controls, the tablet allows you to pre-order your chai latte at the Starbucks downstairs and avoid waiting in line.  You can also order room service, book a spa appointment, purchase show tickets any many more convenient services.  If you didn’t plan your trip ahead, you can easily do it from the comfort of your Aria room.

I enjoyed my stay at Aria and will certainly stay there again.  They’ve done a great job anticipating what their guests needs might be by delivering services through the use of technology. It’s intuitive and user-friendly but if you’re just not on board with all this technology, you can still use the traditional switches on the wall. This is an awesome example of how smart technology can truly enhance an experience.