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When Thomas Edison patented the first commercially successful light bulb in 1879, he couldn’t possibly have imagined how dramatically his invention would evolve. The smart lighting arrays of today not only illuminate our homes, businesses and streets; but they can also provide entertainment

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Wink Lookout Review

I recently purchased the Wink Lookout security system and we've used it enough to warrant a review.  The system has been installed for 4 months.   I was in search of a system that was cost-effective, simple to use, and able to work with some of our existing security devices, and one with no monthly fees. I didn't set out to use Wink Lookout simply because we already used the Wink Hub 2.  It seemed like a natural choice but I still did some due diligence.  One of the systems I really liked was Simplisafe, it met my needs from the features, devices available to aesthetics. 

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